29 October, 2013

The Magical Iscata Island


Located in the “capital of Aymara folklore “, also known as the district of Acora (Puno) Iscata Island is a destination that is little known and not part of traditional tours that take place on Lake Titicaca. However, its bucolic landscapes, white sandy beaches and its typical houses built of adobe with roofs of reeds -which are known as Q’otos-, transform this picturesque town in a magical place .


The Iscata Island , 50 km of Puno, is where the festivities are held annually on the anniversary of the ancient highland city, which portrays the output of Manco Capac and Mama Occlo -founders of the Empire of the Incas- from lake Titicaca. Also, each September 15 they celebrate their traditional festival in honor of the town’s patron, the Virgin Mary of the Nativity -image brought by the Spanish in 1580- with native dances and costumes from the region.


If you are around Puno, be sure to visit Iscata. You will be surprised with this little known and fascinating side of the plateau of Collao.