3 February, 2020

Virgin of Candelaria festivity

During the first two weeks of February, the folklore capital of Peru and South America, celebrates and pays tribute to the Candelaria Virgin.

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The festivity of the Virgin of Candelaria, also known as “Mamacha Candelaria” in quechua, is considered the most important in Puno, since it attracts hundreds of national and international tourists. In 2014, it was declared intangible cultural heritage for humanity by UNESCO. It is a unique experience, which includes music, dance, culture and religion in a big celebration, full of color and joy. It consists of different celebrations such as: ceremonies, and folkloric parades in tribute to the virgin.

This festivity is prepared up to 2 months in advance by their devotees, who, guided by their faith decorate the main streets and squares of the city. Among the most important activities within the first days, you can attend a mass at Puno´s main square, and enjoy a dance competition with traditional costumes, which takes place at the stadium of the city. On February 10th, more of 40,000 dancers and 200 musical bands take the city to venerate the Virgin of Candelaria with typical dances such as “The Diablada”. Finally, the festivities end with a ceremony, concert and farewell mass to honor the virgin.

Without a doubt, visiting Puno during this festivity is an unforgettable experience, where you will be able to discover the essence and customs of this wonderful city.