2 December, 2019

Experiential tourism in Amantani Island

Amantani is one of the islands located in Lake Titicaca. It harbors more than 400 families divided in 10 communities, whose main activity is agriculture.

To start this amazing tour, stay at our Tierra viva Puno Hotel, where you can rest and acclimatize before departing. Then, start your journey departing from the port in Puno and head to the island. You should wear sunscreen, a cap, and glasses to protect yourself from the sun. Also, bring some warm clothes, since the temperature drops at night.

Along the way, we will make a stop at the Uros Islands, where you will learn about the origin and construction of them. Then, continue your journey to Amantani island, located 38 kms from the port of Puno.

Upon your arrival, the people from the many communities in this beautiful island will welcome you. According to the size of your group, you will be accommodated in their homes, which have been specially adapted to your visit. These families will be responsible to provide your food and lodging for one night, and learn more about their customs and traditions.

Also, you can hike to the ceremonial temples of Pacha Mama and Pacha Tata. At night, the families will have a community party, where you can enjoy the music, dances and even wear their typical dresses. You will be impressed with the beautiful starry sky that covers the island.

Without a doubt, the Amantani Island is a must in your bucket list. It is an incredible experience!