16 January, 2019

3 archaeological sites to learn about the history of Lima

When we talk about Peruvian culture, we immediately think about the Inca Empire and Machu Picchu, his masterpiece. But what many do not know is that in Lima you can also find archeological sites of other cultures that lived in our capital for many years.

Visit its buildings and each of its corners will make you discover the best kept secrets of the lesser-known cultures of our country. If you have planned a trip to Lima, you can not miss these places!



Did you know that in Peru lived the oldest civilization in America? In the northern area of ​​the department of Lima, three and a half hours from the city center, is Caral. This archaeological site preserves the ruins of a civilization that inhabited here about 5000 years ago, that is, it was contemporary to civilizations as old as Mesopotamia.

At present, access to Caral is allowed for tourist visits, which are carried out with a guide, and for the celebration of various activities.


Huaca Pucllana


Among the large and busy streets of Miraflores district in Lima and just a few minutes walk from our hotels is located the Huaca Pucllana, an archaeological site that impresses with its location and its history.

The Lima culture (200 AD – 700 AD) was commissioned to build this building made of adobe that originally was made up of several pyramids, squares and streets, of which only the great pyramid is currently preserved.

Knowing the Huaca Pucllana is one of the most exciting activities to do in Lima. For only S / 15 (US$ 4.5), you can access the ruins with a guide who will tell you all the details of its history.




In the southern area of ​​Lima and very close to the Pacific Ocean is Pachacámac, which for a long time was the most important sanctuary of the Peruvian coast. This important archaeological site was built in different stages and by different cultures. The first one was the Lima Culture, followed by the Huari, the Ichma and, finally, the Incas, who created the imposing temple of the Sun, from which the sea can be appreciated.

This sanctuary is currently an archaeological complex in which you can see the buildings that are still preserved and an important museum that exhibits pieces of the four cultures that lived here and among which stands out the wooden figure that represents the god creator of the land, Pachacámac.

As you see, Lima is full of wonderful places where you can be trapped by history. If you want to visit them, we will wait for you with all the comforts in our hotels in the Peruvian capital. Know them here!