27 April, 2012

Patacancha, at Ollantaytambo´s heights.

45 Minutes from Ollantaytambo is the community of Patacancha, after passing by the community of Huilloc. Both communities offer experiences of rural tourism and its members are mostly involved as porters on the Inca Trail. The inhabitants of Huilloc are known as ‘huayruros’ by the characteristic red poncho and that is associated with the seed of the huayruro tree found in the jungle. A little further up is Patacancha, a small and ordered community en route to Lares, where its commoners offer experiences of experiential tourism in their homes, fields and lagoons. The journey through these communities shows a landscape that is changing as we ascend from the Valley to the Puna, with beautiful views of the mountains and ravines. A trip for all those who want to be immersed into the Quechua communities, rich in culture and traditions.

Useful tips:

• Located at 50 minutes from Ollantaytambo and 2 hours from Cusco.
• At Huilloc, the commoners have organized a local market to sell their textiles.
• At Patacancha you can experience their daily work and lives (experimental tourism)

Text & Photos by Iñigo Maneiro.

patacancha2 patacancha4