27 February, 2012

Huayllabamba, land of corn

Huayllabamba is a community in the Sacred Valley located 15 minutes from Urubamba, on the way to Pisac. It is known as the capital of corn because of the quality and size of the corn from their fields.  Huayllabamba, which in quechua means prairie or marshy plain, celebrates the virgin Natividad or Mamacha Natacha every September 7th, with dancers and processions. This festivity is very popular and is full of color, dance, music, and food.

Useful tips:

  • Location: 65 kilometers from Cusco and 12 kilometers from Urubamba.
  • Entrance: No payment required
  • Recommendation: After Huayllabamba there is a beautiful trail starting at Urquillos that ends in Chinchero. It takes about 4 hours.

Text & Photos by Iñigo Maneiro.

huayllabamba-virgen-de-la-Natividad1 huayllabamba-pueblo5