21 May, 2012

At the foot of Ausangate

Apu Ausangate, with it 6.372 meters is the highest mountain of Cusco and the most important in the andean world. It is the origin of the waters that irrigate the valleys below. In its plains and hillsides there are small herder communities of llamas and alpacas, such as Pacchanta. Pacchanta is located in the upper parts of Tinke and It can only be reached by a dirt road from which you can get beautiful views of the holy apu. Pacchanta has several families of weavers who use natural dyes, alpaca wool and all the multitude of symbols which refer to plants, animals and Andean myths. Pacchanta also owns a rich thermal waters from wich you can get a glimpse to  the magnificent Ausangate.

Useful information

  • Location: Km 65 of the Interoceanic Highway between Urcos and Puerto Maldonado. When reaching Tinke take a detour of about 10 km.
  • Altitude: 4,200 msnm.
  • Prices: The thermal baths cost between 3 and 5 soles. From Tinke you can take a motorcycle for 30 soles and 80 soles for a vehicle. From Cusco, private transfer can cost about 200 soles round trip.

Text & Photo by Iñigo Maneiro.