16 April, 2012


Arequipa’s countryside, rich and always green, contrasts with Arequipa’s usually dry and arid environment. It is located in a broad valley, dominated by the Misti and Chachani volcanoes and crossed by the Misti River, important destination for adventure sports. It is the home of small villages of farmers, surrounded by willows and eucalyptus trees, and good regional food restaurants, called “picanterías”. It is one of the best places, near the city, to breathe pure air, spend a day around nature and get to know the agricultural work. Along the valley there are springs and natural caves such as Socabaya, and pre Incas terraces such as Yumina and Paucarpata, which can be visited with horseback rides offered in Sabandía and its surroundings.

Useful tips

  • Tourist agencies offer different tours to the Countryside, depending on what you want to see and visit.
  • It is recommended to bring comfortable clothes and walking shoes, water, sun block lotion and a hat.

Text & Photos by Iñigo Maneiro (www.bitacora.pe)