13 January, 2015

Sacred Valley’s flavors

Nowadays there are multiple culinary options in Cusco and you can find great restaurants in its countryside, such as El Huacatay at Urubamba and the Tree House at Aguas Calientes. Thanks to its creative creations, these restaurants have been the sensation among tourists from the four corners of the world.

Photography of: www.rupawasitreehouse.com

Aromatic Huacatay

Its menu features traditional dishes made of alpaca meat, quinoa, tarwi, corn, vegetables and spices from the Sacred Valley. Located right in the heart of Urubamba, El Huacatay is a sophisticated proposal with a Cusco’s touch. Furthermore this small restaurant has a lovely garden, cosy atmosphere and it’s considered as one of the most creative restaurants of Cusco. It’s worth to mention that it was opened even before the gastronomic boom. Known by its fusion of Mediterranean, Asian and regional organic ingredients; El Huacatay will surpass your expectations with its incredible flavors and presentation.

Photography of www.peruthisweek.com

The Tree House

On the other hand, the Tree House is also one of the best culinary options after going sightseeing Cusco. It’s located in Aguas Calientes, close to Machu Picchu sanctuary, there you can taste a fusion of Andean, Italian, oriental and Latin America cuisine. Here you will feel like in a real little, cosy and beautiful tree house, because it’s a small, rustic and very warm place situated at the back of the Andean sacred mountains. Beyond a shadow of doubt, it is the best restaurant in the Sacred Valley.  After lunch, you will definitely sign up for any of its cooking lessons in charge of its chefs.  Bon Appetit!

Photography of: www.rupawasitreehouse.com

How to get there: You can find El Huacatay on Arica Street #620, Urubamba and The Tree House on Huanacaure Street #105, Aguas Calientes. We recommend booking in advance.

If you want to live this experience at the Inca city; stay at our Tierra Viva Cusco Plaza, which is located right in the historic centre of Cusco. Other good option is our Tierra Viva Machu Picchu, located close to the Machu Picchu archaeological ruins at Aguas Calientes.