22 August, 2019

Trujillo, the capital of Marinera

One of the most beautiful cities in Peru is Trujillo, “the city of eternal spring.” It is called that because of its warm and sunny weather throughout most of the year. Therefore, we believe it is a must stop if you plan to travel to the north of the country.

You will love its history and cultural legacy. In addition to touring the city and visiting its iconic Plaza de Armas, there are other activities you can do to enjoy your stay, such as visiting its wonderful beaches, museums, ruins, among others.

It is also known as the “Capital of Marinera”. Every January, the city gives us the largest festival of Marinera, one of the most important cultural events in Trujillo, in which thousands of tourists from around the world assist. Likewise, couples from different parts of the country and other countries arrive at this destination to compete in different categories.

Northern Marinera originates from “Zamacueca”, a dance of Spanish influence, very popular in Lima and Trujillan festivities in the viceroyalty era. Marinera is about the courtship between men and women; and the challenge of the dancers is to know how to represent that situation of gallantry with the movement of handkerchiefs, body and emotional expression. The dance begins with a greeting and continues with the zapateo and galanteo and then surround each other in an intimate careo. The climax of this emblematic show comes when the woman finally gives in to the courtship of the man.

This is how every year, the great Chimú Coliseum, becomes the home of this famous festival organized by the Libertad Club. So, if you are thinking of visiting this city on those dates, do not hesitate to also choose a comfortable place to rest, and thus continue enjoying the celebration of Marinera and, at night, a comfortable, authentic experience of our Tierra Viva Trujillo Hotel.