Port of Callao

Callao is the port of the city of Lima and the most important of Peru. Besides all of its commercial activity, the zone of Callao has different tourist attractions, ranging from a historical center of viceregal and republican architecture, a couple of museums to abundant wildlife and history of the islands of its coast. This historical port is located 1 hour -by taxi- from our Tierra Viva Miraflores Larco, and here you will find all the information you need to discover the best of Callao.


Photograph by: Daniel Angello

  • Callao Islands

A good way to start your journey is to embark early in the morning in the tour to the Callao islands, a group of islands that comprehends the following: San Lorenzo Island – the largest of the Peruvian littoral – which would have been used by the inhabitants of the pre-Hispanic Peru as a cemetery and for fishing. Then you go to the Fronton Island, where you can still see the remains of the ancient prison; in the Palomino Island you can swim with the thousands of seals that inhabit there, and observe different kinds of birds. Finally, in the Cabinzas Island you can see the remains of an old wharf of guano and, hopefully, the elegant Humboldt penguins.

isla san lorenzo

The municipality of Callao recommends the tour operator Eco Cruceros.  This tour leaves from the wharf Dársena, in the Plaza Grau (Callao). The tour lasts 4 hours and the schedules are from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am. The prices are: adults $45.97 (S/.129) and children $35.21 (S/.99)  approximately.

  • The Fortress of Real Felipe

One of the main attractions of the Callao is The Fortress of Real Felipe, scenery of attacks from corsairs, pirates and rebellions, both in times of the Viceroyalty as of the Republic. Built in the middle of the 18th century, currently it serves as headquarters of the Museum of the Army, where they are exhibiting objects, uniforms and weapons of the Peruvian militia.

fortaleza real felipe

Photograph by: Daniel Angello

The fortress of Real Felipe is located on Independence Square, Callao (very near to the Av. Sáenz Peña). It’s open every day from 9:00 am to 16:00pm -we recommend to verify schedules, because they can change according to the month-.The prices are $1.78 (S/.5.00) for children up to 12 years, $3.56 (S/.10.00) for adults from 13 years and $5.35 (S/15.00) for foreigners; the tour lasts about 2 hours and a half.

  • The Site Museum of Naval Submarine Abtao

Continuing with the tour, we recommend you to visit the “Abtao” museum, named like that in honor of one of the most important combats in the history of Peru: the Spanish against the winning allies Peru-Chile in February 1866, in the coast of Abtao, Chile. Visiting this Museum will give you the opportunity to feel like a submariner for a day, as the tour begins in the torpedo compartment and continues through the bow, the central position, and the area of machines and engines.


Photograph by: Daniel Angello

The Site museum of Naval Submarine Abtao is located on Jorge Chavez 120, Callao. Its opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 16:30 pm hours and prices are: over 10 years old $3.56 (S/10.00); under 10 years: $1.78 (S/ 5.00). The tour lasts approximately 50 minutes.

  • Lunchtime

Since ancient times, the “chalacos” have been men of the sea, therefore there will be no lost when eating at the Callao. We recommend that you stop by  the restaurant “El Mirador”, the food is very good and has a spectacular view of the beach where you can walk after eating. Another option for seafood is “El Colorao” – in Chucuito-, where you have to taste their acclaimed “Peñón Chucuitano” or the original “Ceviche Sonvana”.

The restaurant El Mirador is located on the Malecon Figueredo, 110 in the district of La Punta and “El Colorao” is located on the Malecón Figueredo, 617 in the neighborhood of Chucuito. Their opening hours are from Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 19:00.

The specialties of “El Mirador” are Rice with Seafood, Ceviche del Mirador and Parihuela… The average price of consumption per person goes from $10.69 (S/.30)  to $21.38 (S/.60) . On the other hand, “El Colorao” specialties are: Cebiche Son Vana, Veinte de Agosto, Peñón Chucuitano, Canto Rodado and Merlín el Colorao. The price range for person is $10.69 (S/30).

So If you are planning to visit Lima or you have a day off, Callao is an excellent alternative to discover a cultural and historical heritage of Peru, it will definitely be an enriching experience. If you haven’t found an hotel in Lima, you can stay at Tierra Viva Miraflores Larco hotel. Book now entering here and seize your day!