16 April, 2014

Easter on the South beaches of Lima

Celebrating Easter in the Sur Chico (south beaches of Lima) is an excellent alternative if your idea is to travel nearby the city. Located between the Kilometers 40 and 50 of the South Panamerican highway, the end of summer results as a perfect season to visit them due to the smaller amount of people looking to enjoy the refreshing sea. While you are there you can’t help but relax, eat ceviche on the beach, learn to surf and enjoy the last nights of party.

Punta Hermosa. Beautiful beaches like Playa Blanca, located in Punta Hermosa, at Km. 46 of the Ancient South Panamerican- or El Silencio – at Km. 43- make of this place an ideal site for having fun on the sea, surfing, and enjoying the gastronomic delights offered by the variety of restaurants located in this beach. This particular area became known, internationally, about 10 years ago, for being the beach where our world champion surfboard Sofia Mulanovich learned to catch her waves.


For lunch, we recommend to go to Sarita restaurant (at Km 43 of the Ancient South Panamerican) where you have to try their chicharron sandwich; indeed a delicious delight; If you prefer Italian food, Trattoria Don Angelo (Mz. J, Lot 15, La Planicie) is an excellent option (S/.45 [$16.23] approx. for dish; there are half portions for S/.15 [$5.41]).

When the sun goes down, you should go to the popular night club  “Dragon del Sur” (at Km. 44 of the Ancient South Panamerican), for its great atmosphere, complete bar and the most entertained music of Punta Hermosa. This April 18th is their closing party of the season. The entry for girls is free until midnight but the normal prices is S/.40 [$14.42] and includes a beer.Another good option to go dancing and enjoy some drinks is “Voce Sur” (at Km. 43,5 of the Ancient South Panamerican), that will also hay a closing season party on April 19th. The entry for girls is free until midnight and the price of the entry depends on the promotion that the local has.

San Bartolo. A calm sea bathes the coasts of San Bartolo, a beautiful and picturesque bay that has been inhabited by fishermen since ancient times. During the summer weekends, the North Beach is filled with people from all over  Lima, who goes there to take a dip in its refreshing waters and explore its islets, coves and cliffs in a kayak, observe various birds and occasionally dolphins and sea ​​lions.

In the north side of the beach, there are two good waves for surfing: Peñascal and the Huayco, while in the rocky area  we find the sea cave known as The Bufadero, where seawater enters strongly coming out the other extreme, rustling a particular whistle.


There are many restaurants in San Bartolo, being the most popular Rocio restaurant on Av. Mar Pacífico Mz.- where they prepare seafood rice and fried seafood (the average price of consumption per person goes from S/.15 [$5.41] a S/.30 [$10.82] aprox.); There is also Restaurant Elida -on Mar Pacífico Mz. F Lt. 29- that offers fresh juices and a varied menu of seafood (the average price of consumption per person goes from S/.10 [$3.61] a S/30 [$10.82] aprox.).

If you are looking for a bit of fun, the disco Peñascal – in Las Garzas 101, urb. Miguel Grau – has concerts with the best Peruvian bands of rock and reggae. It is open only during the summer season and on April 18th  will be their closing party. The entry for girls is free until midnight and the price of the entry depends on the promotion that the local has.

How to get to the beaches

It’s not difficult to get to Punta Hermosa or San Bartolo. To get there you can take a bus from the Consortium Maleño located on the block 6 of Jiron Leticia, in the center of Lima. The trip costs between S/.5 y S/.10 (from $1.80 to $3.61)  and lasts about 1 hr. You can also ask for a taxi – in our front desk -, that takes you and brings you back the same day. If you are thinking of coming to Lima for business or pleasure, we invite you to make your reservation at our hotel, here.