8 October, 2014

Dreamlike Matucana

If it’s a matter of getting away from Lima, there are countless places to travel in the mountainous area. Matucana is the perfect spot scape from the city. Since it is a peaceful town with breathtaking landscapes and good weather, it’s the favorite destination for people who love nature and outdoor activities. Here you will find camping areas and zones for practicing hiking, mountain biking and trekking, etc.


Photography by Turismo Huarochirí

Walking through its narrow stone streets and traditional big houses with beautiful balconies, it’s like being in a place where time had stood still.  Another attraction is the San Juan Bautista church, which was built by jesuits Fathers at colonial times. You should also visit the old train station where Lima-Matucana trains arrived, and is the main via for trains that bring metals from la Oroya. Its construction dates from 1851, at the beginning of the Peru railway era.


Photography by Turismo Huarochirí

However it is its wonderful sceneries and the path to Antakallo (a two hour walk) the best of Matucana. Throughout your trip you will see a stunning countryside surrounded by apple trees, fig trees, mountains with fanciful shapes, caves where shepherds sleep and a hanging bridge that is the entrance to this place. Ticket prices are: Adults $ 0.71 (S/. 2) and children $0.36 (S/. 1). A natural pool that features a mini- waterfall is the perfect place for a dip, you can also walk until the Sauce waterfall that is only 10 minutes away from Antakallo.


Photography by Huancaya Perú

Maranchaca, a small town located one hour from Matucana, is another good place to visit; because here you will find the Enchanted lagoon, the Twins lagoon and the Ark lagoon. Moreover, you can also visit the Punsho Punkru arqueological site, which was an ancient Inca administrative center.

Photography by Panoramio

How to arrive to Matucana

In order to get to Matucana you have to take the Central highway up to kilometre 74, where you will find a street sign with Matucana´s name.  If you go from our hotel,  the road trip can take three hours approximately. Since this town is located 2389 masl, temperature can vary from 8°C  and 26°C, therefore we recommend to bring some warm clothes. Restaurants in this area specialized at local cuisine and offer dishes such as patasca, cabrito al palo, guinea pig and trout.

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