8 August, 2018

Arequipa: the most delicious dishes and where to eat them

The success of Peruvian food is, in large part, due to the great diversity of its dishes. Wherever you go in our country you will always find new options to try. And many of the most well-known dishes are in the region of Arequipa, which you can taste in its classic “picanterías”.

If you have planned either a business or family trip to Arequipa, take some time in your agenda and prepare your palate to try some of the most delicious dishes in our country.

Stuffed rocoto pepper

The most typical dish of Arequipa is the stuffed rocoto served with baked potatoes. This dish is made by filling the rocoto with pieces of meat, cheese, boiled eggs, and olives. For those fearful of chili, we clarify that this preparation is not spicy at all.

Where to eat it: at La Capitana (Los Arces, Cayma) you will find one of the most delicious and big rocotos in the whole city.

Ocopa arequipeña

If you like traditional ocopa, you have to try Arequipa’s one. This typical Peruvian dish made with cooked potato is accompanied in Arequipa with a delicious aji huacatay sauce.

Where to eat it: La Nueva Palomino (Pasaje Leoncio Prado, 122), with more than 100 years of history, is one of the best known places to try this dish since they make the sauce with a grinding stone preserved since the restaurant’s inauguration.

Shrimps soup

Another typical of Arequipa cuisine: a soup whose main ingredient is shrimps accompanied by a large number of ingredients such as corn, potatoes, eggs and fresh cheese.

Where to eat it: in La Lucila (Grau, 147), a place that breathes passion for food, you will find a great version of this dish, as well as daily specials dishes.

Cuy chactado

Perhaps the most difficult dish to taste by foreign tourists arriving in Peru. It is a guinea pig that is served whole, opened in half and fried in abundant oil covered with a stone.

Where to eat it: another good dish to taste in La Lucila.


The pork is the base of this stew with which many inhabitants of the area recharge energies from early in the morning.

Where to eat it: Sabor Caymeño (Plaza Cayma 112). This “picantería” is more than 70 years old and they are specialized in receiving those who are hungry after a party. For this reason, it opens in the early morning.

Queso Helado

Tasting desserts is also essential in a trip to the White City. Among all, highlights the queso helado (translated into frozen cheese), a dish that, far from what its name indicates, is not made with cheese.

queso_helado_tierra_viva_hotelesWhere to eat it: in numerous points of the city, you will find street stalls selling this delicious dessert.

If you are one of those who prefers to try a bit of everything, you have to ask for an American. It is a dish with small quantities of the most typical dishes of Arequipa. La Benita (General Morán 118 A) and Tradición Arequipeña (Avenida Dolores, 109) are some of the good places to try this combo.

And, of course, to accompany your dishes always ask for a chicha morada or chicha de jora, beverages made with corn. To close and make a good digestion, ask for a Nájar anisette.

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