16 October, 2019

5 restaurants you must try in Cusco

Cusco is a city full of beautiful places to visit. Here, you can also enjoy the best of Peruvian cuisine. If you stay at any of our Tierra Viva Cusco Hotels, here are some restaurants that your can’t miss on your next visit.


Located in Plaza Regocijo, only a few blocks from Cusco´s Main Square. It´s proposal is based on regional food, prepared with local products and the best culinary technique, which honors Cusco’s ancient cuisine.

MAP café

An innovative place awaits you in the courtyard of the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, with a menu full of surprises. It´s cuisine is committed to tradition, through local ingredients, which delight the most demanding palates.

KION Peruvian Chinese

Just one block from Cusco´s Main Square, you will find a unique culinary concept, of sweet and salty flavors, characterized for its warmth and personality portrayed on each one of its dishes. The KION experience is a journey that will take your through Chinese culture, which landed in Peru, and the process of becoming tasty and attractive to the world.

La Bodega 138

A restaurant that will make you feel at home. This is the perfect place to share with your family, friends, or your special one. Located on Herrajes Street, a few block from Cusco´s Main square, you can enjoy a delicious fresh pizza from the oven, pastas or salads, as well as the best crafts beers you can find in the country.

LIMO Peruano Nikkei

A Peruvian-Nikkei fusion that keeps the technique of Japanese cuisine, and at the same time, reinvents ours with other resources from the region, making possible an amazing result. The LIMO experience is a journey through the Nikkei cuisine, along with a bar full of great drinks.