28 June, 2019

Celebrate the National Ceviche Day at these delicious restaurants in Lima!

When we hear the word ceviche, we can’t stop thinking about enjoying one. If you are always looking for an excuse to eat the signature Peruvian dish, today is the perfect moment! F

or the National Ceviche Day, we leave you a list of six delicious cevicherías that you will find in the Peruvian capital. Enjoy your meal!


Canta Rana

We start with a classic from Barranco. If you like markets and eating in small places with a great atmosphere, this is your place! Although they have many dishes with incredible flavors, you can not miss their ceviche with avocado! Yes, you have read correctly! Ceviche with avocado is an outburst of flavours! 



Punto Azul

Punto Azul is one of those restaurants that you know that has good dishes just for the amount of people that are lined up at the door. In addition to the classic fish and seafood ceviche, it has other varieties such as black shell ceviche or oriental ceviche. You will love all of them!



Cevichería Chicho

In the fishing district of Chorrillos we find countless cevicherías that use fresh products from the sea to create their dishes. Although it is difficult to choose only one, this time we recommend you Chicho, a restaurant located on the rise to the Morro Solar hill where you can enjoy an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean from it´s terrace.



Mi Barrunto

For those who like to discover the purest Lima, we recommend to visit Mi Barrunto, in La Victoria. This seafood restaurant has the magic of the typical atmosphere of a Lima neighborhood, something already lost in the touristic districts. And in a place as football-loving as La Victoria (the team Alianza Lima is from here) the dishes could not have another name than the players of the Peruvian national team. Ceviche Cuevita, Pedro Aquino, Foquita Farfán… you will not know which one to choose!



Barra Chalaca

Of course, the distinguished chef Gastón Acurio also has exquisite restaurants in which you can taste an amazing ceviche. With only three years since its inauguration, Barra Chalaca has already won the palates of Peruvians and foreigners. You have to eat ceviche without any doubt, but we strongly recommend you to try the leche de tigre!



Chez Wong

Fish, octopus, onion, salt and pepper. These five ingredients are the only ones used daily by chef Javier Wong to cook one of the most award-winning ceviche in Lima. Chez Wong does not even have a menu, you say what you want to eat and the chef is in charge of doing it his way. Seeing him working next to your table is an incredible experience!


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