27 May, 2019

Enjoy the best bars and nightclubs in Lima

Traveling is to discover beautiful cities, explore dreamy landscapes, taste delicious cuisine … but also enjoy the night in the different destinations of the world! The nights of Lima offer options for everyone and any day of the week you can find a place to take a few drinks and dance until the next day.

If you want to know the best corners of Lima night, here we leave you some of the classics of our capital!


Gran Hotel Bolívar

Talking about partying in Lima is almost synonymous with talking about pisco sour and the Gran Hotel Bolívar, the maximum representative of this drink. Every day, hundreds of Peruvians and foreigners visit this hotel located in the center of Lima to try the famous Pisco Sour Catedral. A tip: although you will love its flavor, beware of the amount you take, because pisco sour is treacherous!




What better than having a good cocktail while you look to the sea? In the middle of the Costa Verde of Barranco, with the waves crashing against its walls, is Cala, a restaurant during the day and a disco bar during the evening and night. Good drinks, good music, good food and amazing views, what more could you need?


Del Carajo

If you really want to enjoy the rhythm of Peruvian music, you have to go to Del Carajo. This typical creole club offers live performances by various artists of our country. Here, with some good beers, you will leave your shame aside and learn to move your steps in the purest Peruvian style.



Beer fans have an appointment with BarBarian, a bar located in the tourist district of Miraflores. It has a great variety of craft beers made by themselves and with such Peruvian flavors as chicha de jora or camu camu. The perfect place to start a night out!


Antigua Taberna Queirolo


One of the great classics of Lima is the Queirolo Old Tavern, a place with a lot of history (it was open in 1880) and the perfect bar to spend the afternoon enjoying food and drinks. Among its classics, you have to try the ham of the country sandwich and the chilcano (a cocktail made with pisco). The authentic flavors of Peru are in this mythical tavern!



And if we talk about classics, we have to mention Juanito, a bar similar to Queirolo, but located in the Plaza de Armas of Barranco. For 80 years (with a small break after the death of its creator), Juanito is the emblem bar of Lima’s most bohemian neighborhood. Here you will find Creole food, delicious chilcanos and sandwiches and, above all, a great atmosphere always accompanied by the sound of a guitar with Peruvian rhythm.


Sargento Pimienta


Another of the great icons of the Barranco and Lima night  Lima is Sargento Pimienta, a disco that surprises you every day with a different style: if you want to learn a few steps of salsa, visit it on Tuesdays, if you prefer rock, this is your perfect place from Thursday to Saturday. The excellent atmosphere and good music (sometimes live) are the great characteristics of Sargento Pimienta.


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