25 December, 2018

Visit the Colca Canyon with your family

When it comes to traveling as a family, we often think that there are little complicated places to visit with children. But the reality is that children adapt easily and that you just have to take into account the needs of your kids.

One of the most beautiful places to enjoy as a family in Peru is the Colca Canyon, located in Arequipa. How to get there? What to do? What to bring? Here we tell you everything!

What is the Colca Canyon?


At 4,160 meters depth, the Colca Canyon is the fourth deepest canyon in the world. It is located in the northeast of Arequipa, at 3600 meters above sea level, and it is the habitat of countless animals such as the alpaca, the vicuna and, of course, the great protagonist: the condor.

What to do in the Colca Canyon?


The Colca Canyon is the perfect place to enjoy nature but also to learn more about the history of Peru. For example, here you can appreciate the famous colcas, some warehouses located in the hills of the valley where the people that lived here kept corn, quinoa, cereals …

To visit this place, there are different options: from one-day excursions to four-day trekking, making the night in the depths of the Canyon.

For those traveling with small children, we recommend you to do the day trip, since the walks through the canyon are hard. If, on the other hand, you are traveling with your children but they are older and have experience in trekking, spending (at least) one night in the Colca Canyon is really beautiful.

In addition, one of the main tourist attractions of this canyon is to visit the Condor Sightseeing, where you can appreciate the flight of the largest non-marine bird in the world: the condor of the Andes. Surely your children enjoy this place to the most!

How to get there?


Although there are buses with which you can get to the Colca Canyon on your own, we recommend you to hire the services of a specialized agency. This canyon is the main tourist attraction of Arequipa, so in the White City you will find plenty of agencies that offer different options of excursions to the Colca Canyon.

What to bring?


When traveling with children you must always be well prepared, as the kids have different needs than adults. Here is a list to pack for the Colca Canyon:

  • Sunscreen.
  • Hat.
  • Water.
  • Fruit and nuts (good for walking and if children need to regain energy).
  • Coca leaves or pills against altitude sickness.
  • Jacket or windbreaker.
  • Warm clothes (in winter season).
  • Raincoat (in winter season).

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