Arequipa: 7 plans to do with children

In Tierra Viva Hotels we are sure that having children and traveling are two completely compatible things. For this reason, we want to motivate families to travel through our country enjoying activities for both children and adults. As we already did with Puno and Lima, here we are going to tell you some plans that you can do in Arequipa with your children. Enjoy the best family holidays!

Flight of the Condor

Most children are passionate about animals and the more exotic they are, the more they enjoy them. For that reason, the typical excursion to the Colca Canyon is perfect to do it with your children. In a day tour, you can reach the Cruz del Cóndor viewpoint, from where you can see the flight of the condor, the largest non-marine bird in the world and the emblem of the Andes.

Also, if your children are adventurous and like to walk, you can extend your visit to the Colca Valley, do some kind of trekking and spend a night in one of the deepest canyons in the world. Many children love to sleep in a tent under the stars!



Although museums always seem to be a destination for adults, in them you can find many things that will surprise and entertain your children. For example, at the Santuarios Andinos Museum, just one block away from the Plaza de Armas of Arequipa, you can see with your own eyes a mummy of more than 500 years. This is the Mummy Juanita, a maiden who was between 12 and 15 years old and was sacrificed by the Incas and abandoned in the crater of the Ampato volcano.

Los Ccoritos Park


What child does not like to walk among dinosaurs? At Los Ccoritos Park, located at 420 John F. Kennedy Street, you will find statues up to 16 meters high that represent these ancient inhabitants of our planet. In addition, in this place there are various entertainment areas with swings, trampolines, ball pool, merry-go-round, inflatables and magic mirrors, among other games.

Recreational Center Conafovicer


If you are thinking about traveling to Arequipa with your partner and your children during the summer, you can take advantage of the good weather to visit the recreational center Conafovicer. This place has 25,000 square meters of green areas where you can live a day of swimming pool, sports and children’s games. Ideal for those who want to enjoy the outdoors with their family!

Tingo Water Park


Another great place to enjoy summer in Arequipa is the Tingo Water Park, where you will find three heated pools (for children and adults), a lake of almost 4,000 square meters with boats with animals shapes in which children can enjoy a fun walk and a food court with everything you need to feed yourself during the day.

In addition, the Tingo Water Park has a viewpoint with incredible views of the Misti, the emblem volcano of the city of Arequipa. Your children will love seeing a volcano in real live!

Sabandia Mill


Children’s curiosity is impressive and they love discovering old objects and how they work. For that reason, a good excursion with them is a visit to the Sabandia Mill, a mill of almost 400 years that is preserved and continues working perfectly. In addition, in the area you will find different typical animals of Arequipa such as llamas, vicunas or alpacas.



If your children are true adventurers and dare to try extreme sports, a good option is climbing. At the Mono Blanco gym in Arequipa you will find climbing walls for adults but also areas and exclusive classes for children where your kids can start in this entertaining sport.

Now that you have all these tips, do you dare to make a family trip to Arequipa? We wait for you in Tierra Viva Arequipa Plaza Hotel, a lodging just one block away from the Plaza de Armas and with all the amenities required so  you and your family can feel at home.