18 September, 2018

The best archaeological sites in the Sacred Valley to visit with your family

Traveling is a great way to teach the kids. Discovering the world, they learn about new cultures and to respect nature and people. Therefore, traveling as a family is enriching for everyone, from parents to children.

In Peru we have many places where traveling becomes a learning exercise. One of them is the Sacred Valley, where the history of Inca culture remains alive to this day. Get to know here the most exciting corners of this wonderful place!


You can not talk about the Sacred Valley without mentioning Sacsayhuaman. This fortress, built with huge rocks that form giant walls, was the scene of endless ceremonies during the Inca period.

Nowadays, Sacsayhuaman receives hundreds of people a day who are surprised by the majestic Inca architecture. In addition, here the people from Cusco celebrate the Inti Raymi, a representation of what was the largest party in the Tahuantinsuyo.


Incas had a very original way of working agriculture: the use of platforms. Through this technique, they managed to make plantations at different heights but in a smaller space. One of the examples of Inca agriculture is Moray, since, unlike the rest of the Inca terraces, it is circular.



Ollantaytambo is known among tourists who arrive in Cusco because here is the main train station to Machu Picchu. But what many people do not know is that in this district is located one of the most impressive archaeological sites of the Inca period.

This place was built with the aim of becoming the religious, military and agricultural center of the Sacred Valley and, being located at high altitude, was used to monitor the entire valley.

To not miss the visit to these ruins, you have two options: if your train leaves in the morning, arrive at Ollantaytambo the day before, take the tour through the archaeological site and sleep in this district; if your train leaves at night, take advantage of the day to visit it.

These are just some of the incredible Inca remains that you will find throughout the Sacred Valley, but there is much more to discover in this place.

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