13 December, 2014

Innovative Arequipa’s cuisine

Arequipa’s cuisine has not been outside of the latest culinary boom; on the contrary its flavors have inspired many different fusions. The result is a diverse cuisine that combines the traditional flavor of the Picanterías with modern and cosmopolitan proposals such as Zig Zag and Palate 1900. Restaurants we will introduce in this post.

The Swiss culinary art

Located in the heart of Arequipa, opposite the enchanting­­ San Francisco Plaza, is Zigzag restaurant. Michel Hediger found inspiration in Andean and Alps flavors to create the Alpa-Andean cuisine, a combination from both cultures. Even though this restaurant offers a varied menu, it specializes at meats such as beef, pig, alpaca, salmon, trout, lamb or ostrich served on a hot volcanic stone. Therefore it’s necessary to use an apron to avoid stains.

Photography by:Zig Zag Restaurant


If you go for the first time, try the Trilogy of Meats, which is composed of three different types of meats with two side dishes such as salad, native potatoes or ratatouille, a stew of eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes. Sauces are another excellent accompaniment for each dish, each one have a unique flavor depending on the order. You can also ask for the tasting menus offered at lunchtime, and taste the best dishes and drinks at affordable prices.

Zig Zag is a restaurant with a cozy, simple but elegant decoration. It is located in an old house on 210 Zela Street. Inside you can appreciate a spiral staircase, designed by the famous architect Gustave Eiffel, which takes you to the perfect place to enjoy some refreshing drinks with a spectacular view of Arequipa and San Francisco Convent.

Photography by:Zig Zag Restaurant

From the East to the White City

Paladar 1900 is also situated in the center of Arequipa, in an old house that dates from 1600. This restaurant in charge of Ibrahim Veyssal chef combines both tradition and innovation to provide guests an interesting proposal that includes Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian, European and Peruvian flavors.

Photography by Paladar 1900


It offers a varied menu, but we suggest trying the following dishes: Purunco of corvina or shrimps served on a home-made sauce baked in a mud-oven; the Tukuyrukuy, a quinoa risotto with alpaca in coconut milk sauce; the Shopska, a traditional Bulgarian dish similar to Arequipa cauche, baked with peppers, onions, tomatoes, eggs and sirloin; and last but not least, the Tacu Tacu with cauche of shrimps is also spectacular.

Photography by Paladar 1900

Paladar 1900 is in an old ashlar house with several rooms. The Peruvian painter Hernan Sosa was the designer of the whole restaurant decoration, he combined colonial murals and modern furniture style to give this site a ludic air. If you have time, sit on the terrace, a space that will make you feel part of a painting.

Zig Zag and Paladar 1900 are only a few blocks of our Tierra Viva Arequipa Plaza.  Whether you are in the Arequipa for business or tourism purposes, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the best of the innovative Arequipa cuisine and live this culinary experience.