The Wiracocha God Temple

Raqchi is located 115 kilometers from Cusco in the highway to Puno, 3550 meters above sea level. It is a huge archeological site from the fifteenth century, dedicated to the god Wiracocha and made up of more than 180 buildings, including houses, halls and colcas or circular stone deposits. The main characteristic of this place are its constructions with a volcanic stone base and enormous adobe walls, but especially its stone and adobe circular towers, unique in incan architecture. Raqchi is also known for its colonial church, its pottery, and its pioneer initiatives in rural comunity tourism where families take in travelers that arrive into town.

Useful tips:

Location: 115 kilometers from Cusco in the highway to Puno. Access to the archeological site is about 2 kms away.

Admission: 6 soles. There is a local guide service.

Access: you can reach Raqchi by taxi cab in 90 minutes. The cost of the ride may vary between 120-150 soles.

Tip: the feast of the god Wiracocha is celebrated every june 16th.

Text & Photos by: Iñigo Maneiro