The Plaza de Armas of Arequipa

The Plaza de Armas, one of the largest and most beautiful of Peru, is the center of the city and where most of the social life happens for locals and visitors of Arequipa.

Around it are several of the main attractions, like the Church of La Compañía, the Cathedral, the Church of La Merced, the portals, one of which is side by side of the the Municipality, and the sink of Tuturutu.

It was began to lift when they founded the city of Arequipa on August 15, 1540 and suffered several renovations due to seismic activity of the area.

Overnight many people congregate in the banks and roads that exist in the center of the Plaza, and around there are several restaurants and places to spend some time.

Useful Tips:
  • Free access.
  • From restaurants and cafes located in the high parts of the buildings are achieved beautiful views of the Plaza and the Cathedral.