The Museum of Waka de Huaro

This small museum is situated in the village of Huaro, known by the beauty and majesty of its church murals. The museum contains many stone remains from different cultures, such as monoliths, zoomorphic figures, magic stones, cooking and farming tools, and extraordinary petrogliphs. It is directed by anthropologist Renato Davila who shows his particular version about the origin of Cusco and the Andean culture, going back to the days of Noah and the Atlanteans. Beyond theories that may be delirious, the museum is interesting for its rich collection of archaeological remains which is unique in its kind in Cusco.

Useful information

Location: about 44 kilometers from Cusco, at the Huaro Main Square. A taxi may charge between 80 and 100 soles for a round trip to Huaro.

Hours: Everyday from 8am to 4pm.

Admission:  foreigners 3 soles and locals 1 sol.

Tips: combine a visit to the Museum with another to the Church of San Juan Bautista.

Text & Photos by: Iñigo Maneiro

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