The Misti Volcano

Misti is one of the most important icons of the city of Arequipa. From anywhere you are standing it is possible to observe this volcano, which has, over the centuries, extracted the Ashlar stone, with what they have built the main monuments, churches and mansions of the city. It lies in the Valley of Chili, and is currently unused. In its peak they were found some archaeological remains belonging to the inca.

Several tour operators in Arequipa offer hiking to the top, located at 5,825 meters, but not difficult from a technical point of view. Nonetheless, it requires having a good physical condition because of the height. Vertiginous downhill mountain biking are also practiced by the slopes of this volcano whose shape is pyramidal. From its upper parts are extraordinary views of Arequipa and valleys that surround the city.

Useful tips

  • Hikes to the summit last, on average, 2 days.
  • It is advisable to contact specialized operators for ascension or practicing any activity that is realized in the Misti.
  • Recommended operators or Cusipata:

Cusipata. Jerusalén 500-B. Cercado. Facebook page

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