The floating islands of Uros

This group of artificial islands, which number ranges between 40 and 50, is located off the Bay of Puno, about 6 kilometers from the city. These floating islands built with totoras or rushes that are born in the Titicaca and over which stand the different living spaces: bedrooms, schools, stores, etc.. The islands are anchored to prevent the currents dragging them and settlers periodically incorporate layers of totora that keep them in good condition.

The Uros, likewise called kjotsuñi or people of the lake, are an ancient race, before the Incas, whose origin is not known for sure, for some researchers come directly from Polynesia while others think that they have Amazonian origin. Their language was Puquina although currently used Aymara and Castilian. Engaged in trade, crafts, fishing and tourism, offering various activities to travelers who come to visit them.

Useful Tips:
  • To arrive at the islands you can take a tour offered by agencies and hotels in the city, or approach Puno’s port and hire a boat to get to the Uros.
  • The duration of the experience is approximately 4 hours. Some families offer rustic accommodations.
  • It is recommended to bring sunscreen and lipstick when traveling on the lake.