The archaeological site of Patallaqta

Patallaqta is located at kilometer 88 of the railway linking Ollantaytambo to MachuPicchu. Patallaqta has a semicircle form and is raised next to a huge mountain. Patallacta is located on the edge of Urubamba River, at the beginning of the Inca Trail. It is part of a group of very rich archaeological sites, such as Qente and Willkarakay . All of them located about 2,700meters above sea level. Investigators estimate that Patallaqta must had over a thousand people during the splendor of the Incas. The distribution of the town includes an administrative space and a large area used for agriculture with huge farming terraces.

Useful information

  • The archaeological site of Patallaqta can be seen from the train during the trip to Machu Picchu and on the Inca Trail route, which is the best place to enjoy.
  • To reach Patallaqta is necessary to cross the Urubamba River; there are several bridges for this, the most important one is located on kilometer to 84 of the railway, on the starting point of Inca Trail.
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