Sabandia Mill

It is located 8 km from downtown Arequipa. Built with sillar, a volcanic white rock, in 1621 by Francisco Flores and then restored in 1973 by the Banco Central Hipotecario. It is one of the main tourist destinations in urban Arequipa. It is set in the middle of a vast agricultural valley. The mill used the force of two water channels to grind grains into flour, which quality depended in the position of the stones used in the process.

Useful tips:

  • The complete visit takes around 4 hours
  • The taxi ride between downtown Arequipa and the mill costs around 10 soles
  • There are pre-arranged tours leaving from the main square Plaza at  9 am and 2 pm, and organized visits at local turist agencies
  • The entrance fee is 5 soles per person
  • Sabandia Mill hours are: Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm

Text & Photos by Iñigo Maneiro (

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