23 October, 2013

A walk through Nor Yauyos – Cochas

The Landscape Reserve Nor Yauyos – Conchas is considered one of the most beautiful sceneries of Peru. Within the reserve you can enjoy several interesting and attractive activities, as it has beautiful snow capped mountains, turquoise lagoons, multiple waterfalls, canyons, gorges, forests of queñual trees, archaeological remains and a variety of flora and fauna.


To get there, you need to take the Panamerican South Highway to Cañete (km 140), then turn in to the path that leads to Lunahuaná. From there, proceed to Huancaya, main town of the reserve, located 320 km from Lima (about 6-7 hours). It is advisable to make the trip in a 4×4 truck if possible, if you want to continue the path to Vilca and Pachacayo.

Historically, the area is extremely rich, having many evidences which indicate the advanced agricultural development that have come to have the old Yauyos. In the reserve we can observe ruins, canals and pre-Inca terraces. Yauyos was a warrior culture that came to dominate the Valley of Santa Eulalia and a part of the Rímac. Their living spaces were authentic vertical archipelagos and spoke a set of dialects of Aru language, from which survives, until today, the Jaqaru.


In the area of the Reserve Nor Yauyos Conchas temperatures can exceed 20 ° C, so it is advisable to protect yourself with sunscreen and wear a hat or cap. The nights are cool, below 10 ° C, so it is necessary to carry coats and warm clothes. The rainy season goes from November to March, as in the other villages in the mountains. The best months to visit are April and May when the rains have ceased and the entire landscape is covered with a green mantle.

In the villages of Huancaya and Vilca is possible to find many accommodations as well as ideal areas for camping and enjoy a day outdoors with family or friends. Don’t stop coming.