23 September, 2019

Mountain biking in the Sacred Valley

If you like adventure sports or are a bike lover, we recommend you to arrange your next tour to the Sacred Valley.


The tour starts at our hotel Tierra Viva Valle Sagrado. Your first stop will be Huaypo Lagoon, where you can enjoy its relaxing view. Then, continue until you arrive at the Archaeological Center of Moray. This place is known for its circular terraces, which were used as an agricultural laboratory for their crops. Did you know that it was possible to have up to 20 microclimates in these platforms to grow different agricultural supplies? To enter this interesting archeological center it is necessary to have a Tourist Ticket, which costs 70 soles (around $20). It can be purchased upon arrival, but don’t forget to bring and show your passport at the gate.

The tour will continue through the town of Maras to the famous Salt Mines, located around the Qoripujio Mountain. Here you will be able to see more than 3,000 brown and white salt ponds. To this day, the technique and treatment of the ponds is the same as in the time of the Incas. The salt that is extracted is considered good for your health and is recommended for people with hypertension problems. Once there, you should buy some salt to take for yourself or as a gift for your friends and family.

Finally, you can go back to Tierra Viva Valle Sagrado and relax.