Veganism counts every day with more followers and it is becoming less complicated to find places to eat when traveling while being vegan. In Peru, and especially in big cities like Cusco, vegan restaurants are making their way very successfully.

If you are thinking about traveling to the Imperial City, here we share with you a list of vegan restaurants that you can not miss. And if you’re not vegan, it does not matter, you’ll still love them!

Green point

We started with one of the classics of vegan and gluten-free food in Cusco. Green Point offers a wide range of dishes from different cuisines of the world: pad thai, lasagna, sushi … and, of course, delicious quinoa burgers, the star cereal of the Andes.

And if you want to learn some of these recipes, Green Point has the solution: sign up for cooking classes organized by this restaurant.

Vida Vegan Bistro

Who says that Peruvian dishes cannot adapt to veganism? Mushrooms aji, sautéed vegetable meat, quinoa risotto… in Vida Vegan Bistro you will find the typical dishes of Peruvian cuisine suitable for vegan palates.


Greens Organic

Although it is not an exclusively vegan place, Greens Organic is perfect for those looking for dishes for having breakfast, lunch or dinner made with organic foods (in this case, harvested in their own garden).

Imagine a lentil burger, an avocado stuffed, a quinotto of mushrooms and asparagus, a wrap of vegetables… all made with organic products. It sounds good, right?

Shaman Vegan Raw

In this restaurant, totally dedicated to the Pachamama, the dishes are prepared with respect towards Mother Earth and the atmosphere breathes peace and tranquility.

In addition to vegan dishes such as pumpkin cream, stuffed potato or a vegetable omelet with quinoa, this place specializes in raw food such as power salads with raw vegetables, seed, and nuts.

La Rabona

And what is a good meal if you do not have a good dessert? After enjoying a delicious lunch, we recommend you to go to La Rabona, a small place specializing in vegan desserts.

Here you will find from the typical vegan queques to fruit desserts accompanied by coconut yogurt, vegan cookies, etc., desserts that we recommend you to accompany with their delicious smoothies and vegan juices, such as chocolate from the Amazon smoothie.

Also, if you stay at one of the Tierra Viva Hotels we have in Cusco, you can enjoy every morning a breakfast buffet with several vegan options. Do you want to discover our Cusco and surroundings hotels? Then visit our website and book a room.