Piquillacta: The Wari fortress of the Sacred Valley

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Located about 30 kilometers from Cusco, Piquillacta is the best known archaeological complex of Wari culture outside its capital, located in Ayacucho. The Wari Empire thrived between the years 500 A.D. and 1000 A.D. and although the center of Wari’s empire was mainly located in the province of Huanta (Ayacucho), there are evidences that its… Read more »

The sacred Huaca of Tambomachay

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As viceregal functionary Juan Polo de Ondegardo y Zárate once told in his book Treaty and investigation about the superstitions of the Indians (1559), “the city of Cuzco was home and dwelling of gods, and thus there was not, in all of it, a fountain, a passage or wall that did not held mystery”. From… Read more »

Juliaca: a town of history

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The history of Juliaca -from the quechua word xullasca, which means covered in snow- goes back thousand of years. The first evidence of life ever found was from the year 10000 a.C of hunters and gatherers. The reason for this, it is believed, was the weather -less aggressive in those years- which contributed to the… Read more »

Urcos: el centro de las partes altas

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Urcos es una localidad comercial, abastece a las comunidades de altura en torno al Ausangate, a los pueblos del valle de Ocongate y es lugar importante en la ruta de Cusco a Puno. Todos sus caminos confluyen en su activa Plaza de Armas, donde se ubican muchos puestos de venta de productos y artesanías, y… Read more »