In the Colca Valley can be found two nationalities clearly identified by their hats.

The Collaguas, natives of origin Aymara, live in the high parts of the valley dedicated to raise camels and sheep, their hats are white decorated with colored sequins and made of a hard material.

In the low parts of the valley are  the Cabanas, of Quechua origin, dedicated to the agriculture, and whose hats are dark and recharged of colorful embroidery  that represent  animals like hummingbirds, trouts and the vizcachas.

From immemorial times there are  routes of barter and commercial exchange between both peoples: meat, wool and fruit crops, besides the roads that local operators offer to the tourist experience through hiking, horse and mountain bike.

Useful Tips:

  • You can buy hats in the principal market of Chivay.
  • Recommended Operators: Ampato Expeditions Colca


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