We are finally in July! The patriotic month is the best moment to take advantage of the holidays and explore new destinations in Peru. Whether or not you have decided your trip for these National Holidays, here we leave you some less popular places that will make you disconnect during your trip. You will fall in love a little more with our country!


El Cañoncillo Forest, Trujillo

Just two hours north of Trujillo is a wonder of Peruvian nature. It is El Cañoncillo, a forest of 1300 hectares where you can enjoy a day outdoors. Its main attractions are its carob trees up to eight meters high, the great number of birds that live here and its three lagoons. In addition, in this place you can enjoy adventure sports such as sandboarding or climbing.




Tinajani Canyon, Puno

For those looking for incredible natural landscape, we recommend the Tinajani Canyon. 150 km north of Puno and 4059 meters above sea level is this gigantic space full of sandstone rock formations that give a characteristic reddish color.

If you plan to visit Puno during these National Holidays, you can not miss this place!



Tambo Colorado, Ica

In Peru we have countless archaeological sites spread throughout our geography. Some of them, like Machu Picchu, have a great world fame, while others are almost unknown even by the Peruvians. An example of this is Tambo Colorado, an Inca settlement of the 15th century that remains standing 45 kilometers east of Pisco.

Walking through its walls practically alone is a unique experience!



Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve, Arequipa

If you like to enjoy the nature at its best, you have to visit the Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve, located in Arequipa. This is the home to impressive volcanoes such as the Misti and endemic animals of the Andes like vicunas. In addition, here you can visit the Caves of Sumbay, with cave paintings of between 6,000 and 8,000 years old.



As you can see, in Peru you will always find new places to discover more about our nature, traditions and culture.

Do you want to visit some of these places? We wait for you in our hotels! Book your room now and make sure you have some fun days during the National Holidays.