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The City of Lima

Lima congregates Peru’s character through its gastronomic, artistic and cultural fusions. With its almost 10 million inhabitants, it displays the contagious and vertiginous energy of the great capitals of the world. It is a combination of rich history, which may be discovered in its historic center and in many districts close to Miraflores, and modernity.

Lima is located in the valley formed by the rivers Rimac, Lurin and Chillon, in front of the Pacific Ocean. Its climate is mild, with two distinct seasons: the radiant summer, from December to April, with temperatures between 19 and 30 ºC, and the cloudy and grey winter, when temperatures drop to 13 ºC. Thanks to its location, Lima has a perfect combination of the coastal climate and the climate of the low mountains, as it may de discovered in Cañete, Pachacamac or Lunahuana.

Lima is not just a place to stop on your way to other destinations in Peru. This city maintains rich cultural expressions that go from pre-Inca times to the conquest by the Spanish, who elevated Lima to the status of colonial capital. This is when Lima achieved its maximum splendor, as may be observed in its historical center, its churches, monuments and antique residences.

Lima’s long history is displayed in more than 30 huacas made of adobe and distributed throughout the city, and in the imposing archeological site of Pachacamac. Pachacamac was an oracle and one of the main places of worship for the ancient coastal cultures, which acquired its greatest development with the Incas. Some of the huacas, the most important ones, are located in the Miraflores district, very close to our hotel.