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Our Destinations and Hotels in Peru


Cusco is Qosqo, the bellybutton of the world for the Inca Empire. It preserves great cultural and architectonic treasures, including a rich fusion between local tradition and Spanish culture, with its highest expression being the Andean Baroque style. From this center all roads or suyos are born, which are directed towards the cardinal points and connect us with the local nature, culture and art.

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Sacred Valley

In the fifteenth century, the Incas Pachacutec and Tupac Yupanqui built a huge empire in South America that ran from southern Colombia to central Chile and occupied much of the Andean territories of Peru, Bolivia, and northern Argentina. The capital of the powerful Incanato (kingdom of the Inca) was located in the city of Cusco, crossed by the Sacred Valley, a beautiful green belt between mountains, along the Vilcanota-Urubamba River.

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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Hotel is located in the Historic Sanctuary of the same name, a protected natural area of over 32 hectares. It is known worldwide for its impressive archaeological sites, more than 200 among which the citadel, and the Inca Trail that runs through the Sanctuary from west to east in a course of four days, outstand from the rest. For these reasons, UNESCO considers it a mixed World Heritage Site (both cultural and natural).

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Lima congregates Peru’s character through its gastronomic, artistic and cultural fusions. With its almost 10 million inhabitants, it displays the contagious and vertiginous energy of the great capitals of the world. It is a combination of rich history, which may be discovered in its historic center and in many districts close to Miraflores, and modernity.

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Arequipa is Peru’s second largest and one of its most Spanish cities. One of its highlights is its historical center, with its churches and residences built with sillar stone, product of the nearby volcanoes. Founded on August 15th, 1540, on the valley of the Chili river, it is a luminous city, with a mild climate and one the most renowned gastronomies in the country.

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Puno offers three great experiences. First of all, the magnificent lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, located between Peru and Bolivia. It has an area of 8,600 km2 and a maximum depth of 285 meters, characteristics which create especial climate conditions that allowed for the birth of life and the domestication of species thousands of years ago.

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