Vivencial tourism in Pacchanta

Pacchanta community is located on the slopes of Mount “Ausangate”, 4200 above sea level. Its inhabitants, who dedicate to the breeding of alpacas and the cultivation of native tubercles, are knit experts. They make their vestments with alpaca fiber and use the meat as a source of protein. Native potatoes, fresh or transformed traditionally into “chuño” and “moraya”, provide them the carbohydrates they need to fight cold and hard work.


Knitting is so much more than a commercial activity, it is the reflection of andean and amazonian communities way to understand the world. Through this activity is shown their understanding of nature, its uses, its ways of living and also their rituals. It is a knowledge that is pass on generation to generation and that doesn’t limit itself to the art of knitting but also to the learning of different techniques and plants to dye the wool that is obtained from the alpacas that live in their territories.

If you are interested in experimenting these cultural manifestations, we highly recommend you to take a stroll around Pacchanta community in Cusco, where you will enter into direct contact with the locals and meet their millenary traditions, one of which is Knitting. You’ll see how the people of this remote place in the Andes live and work, surrounded by spectacular scenery and completely involved in nature. An Experience that will enrich your comprehension of Andean Culture. Plus, you will get to help in the traditional agricultural labors of seeding, harvest or any other activity that may be spontaneously happening  at the day of your arrival.


We recommend contacting a tour operator to guarantee total enjoy of this place and its people. ¡Have a nice trip!


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The Plaza de Armas of Cusco

The current Plaza de Armas corresponded to the administrative and political center of the Inca empire. Before it was a swampy area that the incas worked and transformed in the XII century, raising in time the palaces on which Huayna Cápac and Pachacútec lived between other leaders. Continue reading


Horseback experiences

Cusco and the Sacred Valley are two of the best destinations to explore archaeological places, attractions, communities and mountains on horseback, allowing to discover the navel of the world in a different way. In addition to the recreational use of horses, tour operators offer a wide range of routes and circuits of all difficult levels, with the best horses. Get to Sacsayhuaman rididing from the upper parts of Cusco, to the farmer’s trails next to the Urubamba river or through the beautiful pampas of Maras with the mountains and the snowy to the front, are just some of the options that you can venture to. Continue reading


Santa Teresa, the jungle of Cusco

The town of Santa Teresa is located about five hours of Urubamba if the trip is made by car, or two hours by train from Ollantaytambo and 20 minutes more in terrestrial mobility. In the first case the Abra Málaga is passed, and can be observed the transition of the different ecosystems, and several communities of farmers who, like Huyro, produce an excellent tea. Santa Teresa is located in the high jungle, about 15 kilometers from Machu Picchu, surrounded by a forest rich in orchids, coffee, tree ferns and thermal waters, close to the Sacsara river. An ideal scenario for fluvial adventure experiences, has one of the best canopy of Peru. Continue reading


Huacarpay lagoon

This beautiful lagoon, surrounded by grasses and rushes, is located 26 kilometers from Cusco, in the so-called South Valley. Some people go to swim in it, others to observe the variety of birds that live there or to spend a quiet field day. Continue reading


The Misti Volcano

Misti is one of the most important icons of the city of Arequipa. From anywhere you are standing it is possible to observe this volcano, which has, over the centuries, extracted the Ashlar stone, with what they have built the main monuments, churches and mansions of the city. It lies in the Valley of Chili, and is currently unused. In its peak they were found some archaeological remains belonging to the inca. Continue reading


Award winners TRAVELLERS’ CHOICE 2013

Thanks to your good comments and opinions done in TripAdvisor about the service we provide in our hotels, Tierra Viva Cusco Plaza and Tierra Viva Arequipa Plaza Hotel, have been awarded with the TRAVELLERS ‘CHOICE 2013, in the category: The 25 Most Popular Hotels for his service in Peru. Continue reading


Patapampa Viewpoint

On the road between Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, shortly after passing the national reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca, is the viewpoint of Patapampa, the highest point of the trip to Chivay at 4,910 meters above the sea level. Continue reading


Yanque church

About eight kilometers from Chivay is the Inmaculada Concepción Church in the locality of Yanque, considered a cultural heritage of the nation. This town of farmers and shepherds is located in the route that goes from Chivay to the viewpoint of the condors, and is a mandatory stop for travelers who come to contemplate the most powerful bird of the Andes. Continue reading


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