In the department of Puno, southeast of our country, the Lake Titicaca is located. It is the highest navigable lake in the world and one of the places that attracts a great number of tourists from all over Peru. Its islands are the perfect destination for those who want to travel with the whole family, since it is a visit suitable for all ages and full of culture, so that everyone can learn a little bit more about the history of our country!

How to get there

To get to Lake Titicaca you have to, necessarily, travel to Puno. If you want to go by plane, you have to fly to Juliaca, a city located around one hour away from Puno. But if you are in the nearest cities, such as Cusco, you can do it by bus or train. Once you arrive in Puno, to get used to the altitude and rest for some hours, we recommend you to stay at our hotel Tierra Viva Puno Plaza, located just one block from the Plaza de Armas of the city.

What to visit

Lake Titicaca is composed of a large number of islands, three of which stand out: Taquile, Amantaní, and Uros, which are the most visited by tourists who arrive in Puno. There are several options to visit these islands, from half-day to two and four days tours in which you will experience the magic of the night of Titicaca, enjoying great landscapes and the company of the families that live there.

Floating Island of the Uros

These islands are very special because they are made of totora, an aquatic plant that grows in this lake. Here the Aymara families live and work, and are in charge of keeping these islands afloat.

The Uros are only half an hour from the port where the tourists take the boat, making it the preferred destination for those who have less time to visit the lake and who want to make the half-day tour.


If you are looking for a day trip, most agencies will offer you the Uros + Taquile pack. This island, which is reached after a trip of three hours by boat from the Uros, is known for its platforms and the high quality of its textiles, which have been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.


In this place live around 2200 people of all ages, from adults who can tell you the most curious facts of Taquile, to children who can entertain themselves and exchange games and customs with your kids. In case you want to spend the night on the island, these families will open the doors of your home to provide accommodation, since there is no type of hostel or hotel.


Amantani is the largest island in the Lake Titicaca and is located only 12 kilometers north of Taquile. Here you can visit viewpoints with incredible surroundings of the lake and learn more about the footprint of prehispanic populations in this place.

As in Taquile, the families that live in Amantani are in charge of hosting tourists who want to spend the night on their island. Undoubtedly, an incredible option for lovers of starry nights!

In addition to these excursions, Lake Titicaca is ideal for family travel as it offers the opportunity to practice sports such as kayaking, trekking, sailing, rowing, cycling or diving. Perfect for spending an unforgettable vacation with your family!