If you like adventure sports or are a bike lover, we recommend you to arrange your next tour to the Sacred Valley.


The tour starts at our hotel Tierra Viva Valle Sagrado. Your first stop will be Huaypo Lagoon, where you can enjoy its relaxing view. Then, continue until you arrive at the Archaeological Center of Moray. This place is known for its circular terraces, which were used as an agricultural laboratory for their crops. Did you know that it was possible to have up to 20 microclimates in these platforms to grow different agricultural supplies? To enter this interesting archeological center it is necessary to have a Tourist Ticket, which costs 70 soles (around $20). It can be purchased upon arrival, but don’t forget to bring and show your passport at the gate.

The tour will continue through the town of Maras to the famous Salt Mines, located around the Qoripujio Mountain. Here you will be able to see more than 3,000 brown and white salt ponds. To this day, the technique and treatment of the ponds is the same as in the time of the Incas. The salt that is extracted is considered good for your health and is recommended for people with hypertension problems. Once there, you should buy some salt to take for yourself or as a gift for your friends and family.

Finally, you can go back to Tierra Viva Valle Sagrado and relax.

Miraflores is considered the gastronomic capital of Lima, a district full of history, culture and with a great variety of culinary offers. If you are staying in Miraflores, you will find here different options to enjoy the best Peruvian gastronomy.


Located in the heart of Miraflores, Maido offers a fusion inspired by the authentic Peruvian and Japanese gastronomic history, which makes it the most recognized Nikkei option in Peru. You can’t miss it!

La Mar Cebichería

One of the most emblematic seafood restaurants in Peru that keeps a mixture of tradition, captured in a rustic, fun and fresh environment. Its proposal is committed to the sustainability of marine species. Make sure you choose a well-located hotel in Miraflores to have easy access to this restaurant.

Mo Bistró

This restaurant offers a fresh cuisine looking that surprises and challenge´s their customers with each of their plates. Its proposal also seeks to promote sustainability and respect for species. In addition, it offers three different menus: breakfast, cafe and bistro. This is an excellent spot to take a break and enjoy a good meal.


Panchita offers a diverse menu that honors tradition, culture and ingredients, looking back on the authentic flavors of Peruvian cuisine. It is located in the center of Miraflores and is the perfect place for tourists who want to taste an authentic Peruvian dish. It is also a good place to share with friends and family.

Amaz restaurante

An Amazonian Peruvian restaurant with an innovative menu, based on local ingredients. It is the perfect place to share an exotic experience with friends and family.

Provide the best service has always been our first priority. Thanks to that, we have been awarded one more time with the Traveler’s Choice Awards 2015, given by the the prestigious travel website Trip Advisor. In this opportunity we received 10 prizes due to different comments from travelers who stayed at one of our 8 Tierra Viva hotels, located throughout Peru.
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The city of Puno and the Lake Titicaca are some of the most astonishing tourist attractions of Peru and South America. Since it is located in the Collao plateau on the banks of the world’s highest lake, this millennial city is considered a wonder of nature.

Photography by Un País Mega Diverso

Before the appearance of the Tiahuanaco culture in the second century AD, Puno city was already an inhabited place that merged Aymara, Quechua and Spanish cultures. It was founded in 1668 by the viceroy Fernandez de Castro. These facts turn Puno into a very unique place, where communities, such as Uros, keep alive their ancient traditions.

If you want to live a different experience, more than visiting Puno’s main square or Sillustani’s Chullpas, we recommend taking a tour through the Titicaca National Reserve. It is the best way to learn more about its high plateau culture.

Crossing Lake Titicaca

The “Titicaca Express” (a fully-equipped speedboat, on-board service included) will be waiting for you in the harbor at 7:15 am; and will take you to the quiet Taquile Island. In the meantime, you can enjoy the wonderful views of Lake Titicaca, then in the island, you will walk through an Inca trail until you get to Juan and Florentina’s house. After a warm welcome, they will tell you the secrets of their millennial knitting techniques, an art they have mastered.

Photography by My photo Journal

At midday they will take you to Santa Maria – Llachon community, which is located in Capachica peninsula. There you will be part of the ancestral Pachamama ceremony and then attend “pachamanca” preparation, an Andean cooking technique where food is cooked in earthen ovens.

At 2 pm you will set off to Uros Ccapi community (the Uros community is one of the most ancient ethnic groups living in South America). They live on one of the furthest floating islands located in the Titicaca National Reserve. After an explanation of how these islands were built, you will sail along the lake in a reed-made boat. A toast with Peru Libre (pisco and soda) will be the perfect ending for an adventurous day full of unforgettable experiences and the return to Puno.

Photography by Viajes y Fotos

To enjoy a wonderful day like this, please contact Edgar Adventures, a specialized tour operator. At our Tierra Viva Puno Plaza´s front desk we can also give you more information about Puno’s tourist attractions. If you want to live this adventure, book here and experience the blue spell of Lake Titicaca.


It’s no longer a secret that Arequipa is one of the main cities to enjoy the best of the Peruvian cuisine. This is due to two reasons: the preservation of its traditional cuisine and, at the same time, the innovation in its gastronomy, developing creative and cosmopolitan dishes. Leia mais