Mountains, lakes, beautiful cities, volcanoes, canyons, history, a lot of history. The south of Peru has exciting places where you can lose yourself in nature and find out about the history of our ancestors.

Today, we take you on a tour around three of the great departments of this area of ​​our country: Arequipa, Cusco and Puno, a very common route that always fascinates tourists who come to visit us.


The destination per excellence for all those who travel to Peru. Our Wonder of the World, Machu Picchu, is just the beginning of all the adventures that await you in Cusco: from snow-covered mountains of over 5000 meters to mountains of colors, lakes with crystal clear waters and archaeological sites perfectly preserved since the Inca period. Cusco is a place that makes everyone who steps on it fall in love, that stays forever in your memory and that you will want to return thousand times.

If you are in Lima, you can arrive by bus on a trip of approximately 24 hours… yes, you have read correctly, 24 hours! But you can also do it by plane, at an economical price and on a journey that lasts only 1:35 hours.


We said goodbye to Cusco to get, by land or air, to Arequipa. The White City, home of the Misti and the Colca Canyon, awaits us at 2,335 meters above sea level.

Arequipa is the perfect setting to enjoy both nature and the city. Here you can visit the Colca, one of the deepest canyons in the world, watch the condor fly (the largest non-aquatic bird on the planet), climb the Misti, an active volcano, observe a mummy (Juanita) more than 550 years old, explore Santa Catalina, a former convent of the viceroyalty, taste the incredible gastronomy of Arequipa… You will need more days for exploring this city!

From Cusco, you can get to Arequipa by air or land. There are countless bus companies that make this route of more than 10 hours in which you will go through landscapes that will amaze you. By plane, the direct flight lasts one hour, although the offer is more limited and the tickets are less economical.


We reached the goal of our tour through southern Peru visiting Puno, the magical scenery of Lake Titicaca. This is the perfect destination to relax after a few weeks of busy travel. If you have several days to visit this city, we recommend you to spend them in the highest navigable lake in the world: stay in one of its islands with local families and enjoy one of the most starry nights you will see in your life. The perfect closing for a vacation, do not you think?

To get to Puno from Arequipa, you can do it by bus, in a shorter route than the previous ones (5:30 hours). The option of the plane, on the other hand, only exists with a stopover in Lima or Cusco and arriving in Juliaca, one hour from Puno, so it is not worth using this means of transport.

In each of these cities, we will be waiting for you at our Tierra Viva hotels, with all the amenities to make your trip the best experience. Do you want to know them? Visit our website and discover all the details of each one of them.