Huayllabamba is a community in the Sacred Valley located 15 minutes from Urubamba, on the way to Pisac. It is known as the capital of corn because of the quality and size of the corn from their fields.  Huayllabamba, which in quechua means prairie or marshy plain, celebrates the virgin Natividad or Mamacha Natacha every September 7th, with dancers and processions. This festivity is very popular and is full of color, dance, music, and food. Leia mais

Textile community located at 3,800 above sea level at the road connecting Cusco to the Urubamba valley. Their textile work is one of the best in the region. There is also a huge archaeological site that includes walls, squares and terraces near the Chinchero church, a temple made of stone and adobe, rich in murals and paintings from the Cusco School. The church plaza has ten trapezoidal niches. On Sundays there is a community fair or market that gathers lots of communities and artisans. Leia mais