Every June, Cusco becomes the scene of one of the most impressive events of our country: Inti Raymi. A festival of Inca origin in honor of the Sun God (Inti) that celebrates the arrival of the winter solstice. A show that you have to enjoy at least once in your life!

Don’t hesitate! Pack your suitcase and get ready to travel back in time to the era of the large empire in America.


What is the Inti Raymi?


The Inti Raymi (or Wawa Inti Raymi in the Inca period) was one of the most important festivals of the Tahuantinsuyo or Inca Empire. Implanted by Pachacútec (the same person that ordered to build Machu Picchu), it was celebrated (as nowadays) every June 24th, date that corresponds to the winter solstice and that marked, for the Incas, the beginning of a new year.

Thousands of people from different parts of the empire gathered at the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, where various acts were held in honor of the Sun God, among which was the sacrifice of animals such as llamas or alpacas.

Likewise, the inti Raymi also performed part of its celebration in the spectacular Qoricancha, a temple covered in gold dedicated to the Sun God.

With the arrival of the Spaniards, all kinds of non-Christian events were banned in the city and the Inti Raymi ceased to be held. It was many years later, in 1944, when this great party returned to take the streets of the Imperial City to fill them with culture, tradition and a lot of color.


The Inti Raymi today

75 years ago, the Inti Raymi returned to become the largest festival in the city of Cusco and one of the most impressive in all of Peru.

Every June 24th, the Plaza de Armas of Cusco and Qoricancha turn into a stage with a lot of differents acitivities, but if you want to enjoy the real show, you have to go to Sacsayhuamán.



In the esplanade of this enclosure they gather each year around 750 actors and actresses who remember what was the great celebration of the Inca Empire, with dances, music and theatrical representations. A great way to get to know the history of Peru before the conquest!


How to get tickets for the Inti Raymi 2019?

Although you can see the representations carried out in the Plaza de Armas and Coricancha for free, if you want to live the event in Sacsayhuamán, you will have to buy a ticket.

The prices of these tickets range from US$ 80 to US$ 160 and you can buy them at


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