If Trujillo is known as the City of Eternal Spring, it is because the sun and good weather are part of this city practically all year round. Located on the Pacific coast, Trujillo, in addition to having an enviable temperature, has beautiful beaches where you want to stay all day to bathe for hours in its waters or to enjoy its waves on a surfboard.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the best beaches during this summer, Trujillo is the perfect destination. Here we tell you the best beaches to visit in the City of Eternal Spring.


Huanchaco beach, located only 13 km away from the city of Trujillo, is not only a place to enjoy the sun and the sea, but also to learn about the culture of this area of ​​our country. The totora horses, great protagonists of this beach, are still used by the people of the area to fish, make trips to tourists and even surf.

Huanchaco is undoubtedly the most important and tourist beach in the city of Trujillo, so here you will find many places to enjoy a day at the beach: from surf schools to restaurants with the best marine dishes.

Also, very close to Huanchaco is Chan Chan, the largest adobe citadel in America, which you can not miss during your visit.

Chicama (Puerto Malabrigo)

The beach of Chicama, located in Puerto Malabrigo an hour and a half from the city of Trujillo, has become in recent years the dreamed destination of surfers. The reason: here is the longest left wave in the world.

Thus, Chicama has reinvented itself and adapted in recent years to receive surfers from around the world who try to travel the 2.5 kilometers long this wave has.

In addition, this beach is the scene of various cultural and sports events in which homage is paid to the Moches, civilization that lived in this area during the 2nd and 5th centuries. It is also the ideal place to practice fishing.


The colonial architecture and the sea are mixed in this place creating a beautiful scenery. Pacasmayo is a fishing cove where the wind runs at a perfect speed to practice sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing.

If you plan to visit this beach, we invite you to take a walk through the streets of the city to see its beautiful nineteenth century mansions, such as the House of Culture or Grace House.

Puerto Morin

In the opposite direction to the previous beaches and in a trip of 35 minutes to the south of Trujillo you will arrive at Puerto Morin, a bay of calm waters ideal to enjoy many hours of sea and sports such as surfing or kitesurfing.

In this place, in addition to one of the cleanest beaches in Peru, you will find several restaurants with delicious marine dishes such as the cangrejo reventado or sudado de chita.

Also, very close to Puerto Morin is Pur Pur, a high altitude dune where you can practice sandboarding.

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