The city of Puno and the Lake Titicaca are some of the most astonishing tourist attractions of Peru and South America. Since it is located in the Collao plateau on the banks of the world’s highest lake, this millennial city is considered a wonder of nature.

Photography by Un País Mega Diverso

Before the appearance of the Tiahuanaco culture in the second century AD, Puno city was already an inhabited place that merged Aymara, Quechua and Spanish cultures. It was founded in 1668 by the viceroy Fernandez de Castro. These facts turn Puno into a very unique place, where communities, such as Uros, keep alive their ancient traditions.

If you want to live a different experience, more than visiting Puno’s main square or Sillustani’s Chullpas, we recommend taking a tour through the Titicaca National Reserve. It is the best way to learn more about its high plateau culture.

Crossing Lake Titicaca

The “Titicaca Express” (a fully-equipped speedboat, on-board service included) will be waiting for you in the harbor at 7:15 am; and will take you to the quiet Taquile Island. In the meantime, you can enjoy the wonderful views of Lake Titicaca, then in the island, you will walk through an Inca trail until you get to Juan and Florentina’s house. After a warm welcome, they will tell you the secrets of their millennial knitting techniques, an art they have mastered.

Photography by My photo Journal

At midday they will take you to Santa Maria – Llachon community, which is located in Capachica peninsula. There you will be part of the ancestral Pachamama ceremony and then attend “pachamanca” preparation, an Andean cooking technique where food is cooked in earthen ovens.

At 2 pm you will set off to Uros Ccapi community (the Uros community is one of the most ancient ethnic groups living in South America). They live on one of the furthest floating islands located in the Titicaca National Reserve. After an explanation of how these islands were built, you will sail along the lake in a reed-made boat. A toast with Peru Libre (pisco and soda) will be the perfect ending for an adventurous day full of unforgettable experiences and the return to Puno.

Photography by Viajes y Fotos

To enjoy a wonderful day like this, please contact Edgar Adventures, a specialized tour operator. At our Tierra Viva Puno Plaza´s front desk we can also give you more information about Puno’s tourist attractions. If you want to live this adventure, book here and experience the blue spell of Lake Titicaca.