What to visit in Lima on a business trip

The last few years, Lima has suffered a great economic growth. For this reason, more and more companies open their offices in the capital of Peru and more businessmen and businesswomen came from different parts of the world and Peru to Lima for a business trip.

In those days of work, it is always good to disconnect and know a bit of the city you visit. Therefore, here we tell you how to make the most of your days in our capital.


One of the best experiences when visiting Lima is to enjoy Peruvian cuisine. Here you will find world-renowned restaurants, such as Maido, Central and Astrid&Gastón, ranked among the 50 best in the world, but also other lesser-known restaurants of excellent quality.

On Avenida Mariscal La Mar, located just one block from our hotel Tierra Viva Miraflores Mendiburu, you will find countless places to enjoy various Peruvian dishes, with specialty in seafood. We recommend you to visit the restaurant La Mar, by the famous chef Gastón Acurio, Pescados Capitales, Barra Mar or La Casa de los Anticuchos.

In addition, we recommend you to try the Creole food in restaurants such as Señorío de Sulco or Isolina, the chifas dishes of Madam Tusan and the Peruvian-Japanese fusion (known as nikkei food) in Edo Sushi Bar.


On business trips is often to not have time for visits to museums and other cultural places. However, if you have a gap between meeting and meeting and you are in Miraflores, you can not miss the Huaca Pucllana. This archaeological site was built with adobe between 400 and 700 AD and was used as a ceremonial place.

If you have more time and want to know the history of pre-colonial Peru, we recommend visiting the Larco Museum, the Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History and the MALI, more dedicated to painting. For contemporary art, you can visit the MAC, located in Barranco. If you want to learn about the most recent Peruvian history, you can not miss a visit to the Place of Memory.


One of the most beautiful areas of the city of Lima is the Miraflores waterfront. 10 minutes walking from Tierra Viva Hotel Miraflores Larco you arrive at this boardwalk, the perfect place to enjoy a night walk with sea views.

In addition, in the “Malecón de la Reserva” you will find the famous Larcomar, a commercial center that stands out because it is built in the middle of the ravine that separates the sea from the coastal districts of Lima. Here, you will also find restaurants that, in addition to great quality, have incredible views of the Pacific.

We know that business trips are days of stress and a lot of movement, but if you are lucky enough to arrive to Lima, what could be better than relaxing with good food, some culture and a walk along the sea? Enjoy our capital!

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