22 July, 2019

The Tinajani Canyon, one of the hidden wonders of Puno

When we talk about Puno, the first thing that comes to our mind is Lake Titicaca. However, this department has hidden corners wit a lot of magic. Today, we bring you a new place to visit on your trip to southern Peru: the Tinajani Canyon. Keep reading and discover this wonderful destination!


What will you find in the Tinajani Canyon?

The Tinajani Canyon is the perfect place for those who love to explore impressive natural landscapes. In its more than 200 hectares you will find imposing and gigantic rock formations of sandstone, a rock that give this space its characteristic reddish color.

These formations are accompanied by Pacobamba, a river of calm crystalline waters that runs through the canyon ravines. This landscape will leave you speechless!



The legend behind the Tinajani Canyon

Scientific studies have revealed that, in ancient times, this place was the depths of an immense lake and that its rock formations are the product of water and wind work. However, as occurs in all places of Peru, the Tinajani Canyon has several legends about its origin, that give a more magical touch to the place.

One of them says that the Inca Pachacutec was worried about the great drought that was ravaging this region of our country. To discover where this drought came from, he consulted with fortune-tellers, who told him that it was the product of the devil, who was walking in these places. To end with this situation, Pachacútec ordered the creation of three stone jars, which would serve the devil to purify and leave the place. However, many say that the devil is still present in the Tinajani Canyon and that it resonates on rainy nights.

Another legend about this place is the one that says that, many years ago, there was neither sun nor moon and the canyon was inhabited by giant men who made their lives in it. But the day the sun came out, the giants were totally petrified and converted into these huge rock formations that we can now observe.



How to get to the Tinajani Canyon?

The Tinajani Canyon is 150 km north of Puno and 4059 meters above sea level.

To get here, you will have to travel to the city of Ayaviri, from where the detour to the canyon leaves. The stretch between Ayaviri and the canyon is only 14 kilometers, which you can do it by transport or on foot, since it is a perfect flat terrain for an easy walk.


After your visit to the canyon, we recommend you to make a stop in Ayaviri, where you can regain energy with a delicious cancacho: a typical dish of the place made with roasted and macerated lamb. A perfect closure for your visit to the Tinajani Canyon!

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