9 July, 2019

The sillar route of Arequipa, one of the best excursions in the White City!

Arequipa has endless plans to enjoy a complete holidays. To the delicious gastronomy of this southern department must add the infinity of tourist destinations to explore in the city and its surroundings. Today, we come to tell you a very special tour: the sillar route.


What is the sillar route of Arequipa?


The sillar route is a touristic tour that has been carried out in Arequipa for several years. It is a very special excursion because here you can learn all about the material that has baptized Arequipa as the White City.

The tour takes place in Cerro Colorado, a district located 14 kilometers northeast of Arequipa, where you will visit different quarries and you will see how the experts works with the sillar to create pieces utilized in the construction of buildings, as well as many other uses that will surprise you!

Walking among these quarries you will find real works of art sculpted on giant rocks: from petroglyphs and statues to the well-known door with columns engraved in a huge block of stone.

All this, in addition, is accompanied by the incredible natural views that offer the surroundings of Arequipa: from impressive gorges to nice animals like the vizcacha will accompany you on your sillar route.

For helping you on the organization of your days in this city, we tell you that the sillar route is a half-day tour, since Cerro Colorado is only an hour from Arequipa and the route of the place is done in three or four hours. You can take advantage of the rest of the day to discover other corners of the White City!


How to get to the sillar route of Arequipa?


To make the sillar route you have two options: hire the services of a tourism agency or do it on your own.

If you prefer to go with a tourist agency, in the center of Arequipa you will find several companies that make this excursion with a price of around S/ 50 (US$ 16). The good part of doing it this way is that everything is organized and you will have a guide who will explain every detail of the quarries and the sillar.

But if you like to do this kind of excursions on your own, you can get to Cerro Colorado by taxi (costs around S/ 60 or US$ 18 from downtown Arequipa). Once there, you will only have to pay the access to the place, which has a price of S/ 5 (US$ 1.5).

And if you’re traveling through Arequipa with your own car, go driving! The road and access are pretty well signposted, so you will have no problem getting to Cerro Colorado.

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