20 January, 2020

The best beaches in Lima

Lima is an excellent option to enjoy the summer. You can walk around the most important landmarks in the city, and take advantage of its weather and visit the different beaches that surround it.


Asia is located in the province of Cañete, almost 100 kilometers from the city of Lima, and it is not only known for its beaches, but also for its famous boulevard where you will be able to find supermarkets, movie theaters, clubs, restaurants, and even a professional racing track. Here you can also find some private clubs such as Regatas Club, Asia Golf Club, among others.

Punta Hermosa

The beaches of Punta Hermosa have become the favorite spot for young people during the summertime. Here, you will be able to find different restaurants, clubs, and most importantly, sandy beaches with to the sea suitable for practicing different sports such as surfing or stand-up paddle.

Makaha, Costa Verde

If you don’t want to leave the city, but you are still looking for a beach day, we recommend you to visit the Costa Verde, which includes the districts of San Isidro, Miraflores, Barranco, and others. One option is Makaha, where you can enjoy not only a day on the beach, but also practice one of the favorite sports of its visitors: surf. Here you will find different surf schools where you can book a class per hour and learn about this sport without leaving the city.

La Punta, Callao

Located in the constitutional province of El Callao, La Punta is visited by its residents every summer. Its many beaches, like Cantolao, Arenila, or Guilligan, provide its visitors different activities such as swimming with sea lions, kayak or windsurfing.

And before continuing with your tours through the city of Lima, we invite you to take a well-deserved rest at any of our Tierra Viva Miraflores hotels, where you can recharge your energies to continue with your itinerary.