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Celebrate the National Ceviche Day at these delicious restaurants in Lima!

When we hear the word ceviche, we can’t stop thinking about enjoying one. If you are always looking for an excuse to eat the signature Peruvian dish, today is the perfect moment! F or the National Ceviche Day, we leave you a list of six delicious cevicherías that you will find in the Peruvian capital. Enjoy your […]

Trujillo: what and where to eat

The city of Trujillo attracts hundreds of tourists every year not only for its wonderful beaches and its great archaeological sites but also for its delicious cuisine. Located next to the Pacific, Trujillo is the perfect place to try a good dish of seafood but also to taste various soups and meat options. As a […]

Visit the city of Lima in one day

Many people visit the capital of Peru just for a few hours or a couple of days before taking a plane to another destination within our country. But Lima has a lot of places to visit, so if you have only one day in this city, you have to make the most of it. 1. […]

Lima: what to eat and where

In recent years, Lima has become a mandatory place to visit among the gastronomic destinations of the world. For this reason, many experts speak of this city as the gastronomic capital of Latin America. In Lima, you can find a great collection of all the dishes of Peruvian cuisine. In this post, we will take […]

Lima: qué y dónde comer

En los últimos años, Lima se ha convertido en un lugar obligatorio entre los destinos gastronómicos del mundo. Tanto es así, que muchos hablan de esta ciudad como la capital gastronómica de Latinoamérica. Y es que en Lima podrás encontrar una gran recopilación de todos los platos de la cocina peruana. Te llevamos en un […]