15 September, 2014

Rupac, the citadel of Atavillos

This place was part of Atavillos kingdom, a culture that dates from 900 and 1400 AC and developed in the highest area of Huaral (150 km to the north of Lima). Rupac is the best model of Pre-Inca architecture wonders, moreoever, this style is very unique in Peru.Located in the highest part of a mountain, this archeological complex is a strategic viewpoint of the whole valley and the coast of Lima. That’s why it is known as the Machu Picchu of Lima.

Photography by Wiki Sumaq

Going to Rupac

After a trip of 2 hours you will arrive to Huaral, there you have to take a colectivo (a car that transport up to 4 pasengers, it’s cheaper than taxi) to La Florida (2500 MASL). Here is the last place where you can buy provisions and water for your ascent to Rupac.This trip will take approximatelly 3 or 4 hours, depending on your walking pace, then we recommend ascending before midday to avoid strong sun’s rays. If you are going to Rupac by yourself, here you can contact a local guide to arrive to the this fort, which is located at 15 km.Another way to get to Rupac is going on a bus to Pampas (3100 MASL), a place know as the “ghost town” and here start the ascent.

If aren’t familiar with this kind of outdoor activities, don’t worry because there are some toruism agencies such as Peru Caral Tours that will arrange everithing to make your trip easier. If you look attentive to the landscape, you can see the majestic Andean condor soaring through the impressive mountains.

You can also arrive to Rupac by car through the Haral-Acos way, therefore for this kind of terrain we suggest hiring a 4×4.Find the ideal vehicle for your trip here:  AVISBudget, Peru Rent a Car or Autos Peru.

Photography by Peru this Week

Preparations for the trip

There isn’t any shops, running water nor electricity at Rupac, then you have to be prepared. Carry all necesary things in your backpack, such as no perishable food, enough water, warm clothes made of corduroy and sinthetic fabrics instead of jeans, trekking trainers, tent and a air bed; because at night the temperature can drop.Don’t forget to carry a flashlight, sun protection, medicine chest, a pair of sun glasses and a camera.

Photography by Vanguardiad

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